Why Does Garena Host League of Legends and How Can You Migrate to Riot?

So, you’ve stumbled upon the curious quest of migrating your Garena account to Riot? Fear not, brave summoner, for I shall guide you through this digital odyssey with wit and wisdom that might just make you the hero of your next gaming session! 🎮✨

Imagine this: You’re in the world of League of Legends, navigating through servers like a digital nomad seeking a new home. Garena, akin to a friendly innkeeper in Southeast Asia’s gaming realm, has been your gracious host for years. But now, Riot Games has decided to take over the hosting duties, promising a grand feast of events and rewards on their servers.

Why does Garena have League of Legends in the first place? Well, it’s like having a favorite local restaurant where you always find your comfort food. Garena served as the cozy pub where Southeast Asian players gathered to battle it out on Summoner’s Rift or TFT boards. But as all good things must come to an end (or rather, evolve), Riot Games decided to self-publish League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in the region starting January 2023.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of transferring your account from Garena to Riot:

key takeaways

  • Garena has been hosting League of Legends in Southeast Asia, serving as a popular platform for players in the region.
  • Riot Games has decided to self-publish League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics in Southeast Asia starting January 2023, leading to the migration process from Garena to Riot.
  • To migrate your Garena account to Riot, visit the Garena-Riot Games migration page, follow the prompts, and ensure both accounts are from the same server for successful linking.
  • Garena, a subsidiary of Sea Limited, focuses on gaming, eSports, eCommerce, and digital finance, with its headquarters in Singapore.
  • The migration to Riot promises a grand feast of events and rewards on their servers, offering a new gaming experience for Southeast Asian players.

How to Migrate Your Garena Account to Riot:

  1. Visit the Garena-Riot Games migration page.
  2. Select “Link Your Account Now.”
  3. Follow the prompts on the LeagueLink page.
  4. Log in to your Garena account.
  5. Choose your desired Garena League/TFT Account.
  6. Log in or create a new Riot Account.
  7. Prepare your account for linking.
  8. Review changes on the “Ready to Link?” page.
  9. Click “Link Accounts” and voilà!

Pro Tip: Make sure both accounts are from the same server for successful linking—like matching puzzle pieces for that sweet victory screen!

Fact Details
Company Name Garena
Founded 2009
Headquarters Singapore
Parent Company Sea Limited
Primary Focus Gaming, eSports, eCommerce, digital finance
Game Published League of Legends
Region of Operation Southeast Asia
Partnership End 2022
Transition Riot Games to self-publish League of Legends in 2023

Common Challenges and Misconceptions:

  • Account Progression Pause: Remember that during early January 2023, no progression or purchases will be tracked during migration days. So hold off on those ranked climbs or skin shopping sprees until after things settle down!
  • One-Time Linking: Accounts can only be linked once! So choose wisely before sealing the deal between your Garena and Riot profiles.

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What Does this Transition Mean for Players?

With Riot Games taking over publishing rights from Garena, players will experience a seamless shift onto new servers with familiar gameplay but enhanced support directly from Riot itself.

As we bid farewell to Garena’s reign over League of Legends in Southeast Asia and embrace Riot’s self-publishing era, remember that change often brings new adventures and challenges—but fear not! You’re equipped with knowledge now to navigate this digital shift like a seasoned pro.

So gear up, summoner! Ready yourself for a fresh start on Riot’s servers with bonus loot and over 150 free champions awaiting your arrival—because in this ever-evolving gaming landscape, adaptation is key! 🌟🎮

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